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Door Furniture

Door furniture refers to any of the items that are attached to a door or a drawer to enhance its functionality or appearance.

Design of door furniture is an issue to disabled persons who might have difficulty opening or using some kinds of door, and to specialists in interior design as well as those usability professionals which often take their didactic examples from door furniture design and use.

Items of door furniture fall into several categories listed below:

  • Hinges

  • Handles:

  1. Doorknob – A knob or lever on an axle that is rotated to release the bolt;

  2. Crash bar or Panic bar;

  3. Doorhandles for all types of doors (glass, wooden, etc.)

  4. Flush pull handle for sliding glass door.

  • Locks

  • Fasteners

       Most doors make use of one or more fasteners to hold the door closed. Typical or common         fasteners include:

  1. Latch 

  2. Bolt 

  3. Latchbolt 

  4. Deadbolt 

  5. Strike plate 

  6. Dust Socket 

   A typical peephole in a door, allowing the person to see who is outside the door without           opening it.

   Numerous devices exist to serve specific purposes related to how a door should (or should       not) be used. for example

  • Door chain 

  • Door closer 

  • Door opener

  • Door damper

  • Door knocker

  • Door stop

  • Fingerplate

  • Letter box or mail slot

  • Peephole

 A number of items normally accompany doors but are not necessarily mounted on the door   itself, such as doorbells.

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