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**Due the current climate and due to a shortage of cylinders we can only supply the following cylinders on a 1 for 1 basis meaning you need to bring back your empty cylinder in order to get a full replacement**

  • 6kg Patio propane

  • 11kg Patio propane

  • 10kg Gas light cylinder

  • 5kg Gas light cylinder

  • 18kg propane (forklift)

  • 19kg propane

For more informaton about Flogas please use this link to their website

Here at Unit 42, as well a being an engineers merchant we have also been a Flogas stockest for over 25 years. holding the following range of gases in various sizes in stock:

  • Butane in 7kg, 13kg size cylinders with a 21mm valve

  •  Propane Leisure/Patio in 11kg size cylinders

  • Propane for Fork trucks in 18kg size cylinders

  • Propane is 3.9kg, 6kg, 11kg, 19kg, 47kg size cylinders

  • 10kg Gas Light Propane

  • 5kg Gas Light Propane

  • Camping Gas 904

  • Camping Gas 907

These are available for collection from our trade counter or we do a delivery service in the local area

Should you need to replace your gas regulator we also carry these in stock

If this is your first gas cylinder there will be a deposit on the cylinder.

The deposit on each cylinder will be £29.64 on everything apart from the Gas Light cylinders and the Camping Gas cylinders.

Gas Light cylinder deposit is £42.30

Camping Gas 904 deposit is £56.99

Camping gas 907 deposit is £60.99

These prices include the 20% VAT

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Exchanges Prices (includes the 5% VAT)

  • 7kg Butane - £45.98

  • 13kg Butane - £52.24

  • 6kg Patio Propane - £43.19

  • 11kg Patio Propane - £56.54

  • 18kg Forklift Propane - £53.08

  • 3.9kg Propane - £33.96

  • 6kg Propane - £43.19

  • 11kg Propane - £53.08

  • 19kg Propane - £54.43

  • 47kg Propane - £105.21

  • 5kg Gas Light Propane - £36.64

  • 10kg Gas Light Propane - £53.01

  • Camping Gas 904 - £43.07

  • Camping Gas 907 - £52.89

 Our gas cylinders are securely locked away  in a gas cage in our yard


Please contact us for more information and to answer any questions you have.

You can either call on: 01344 861342

Send us an email:

Or come see us in person at Unit 42 and we will be happy to help with anything you need.

* Please contact us to order *

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